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Sep 18, 2019

Susan L. Brooks is the Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and a Professor of Law at the Drexel University Kline School of Law in Philadelphia, PA.  She joined the faculty during the law school's inaugural year to develop and oversee all the experiential and public service aspects of the curriculum.  Professor Brooks teaches Family Law as well as innovative courses on holistic representation, professional formation, reflective practice, effective communication, and access to justice.  She has written extensively and has conducted workshops in the U.S. and across the globe to promote "Relational Lawyering," an integrative humanistic approach to legal practice and education, which includes habits of mind and tools to strengthen emotional intelligence, cross-cultural lawyering, and resilience.  She is also a leader in the field of Therapeutic Jurisprudence and is an inaugural member of the Global Advisory Council for the International Society of Therapeutic Jurisprudence (ISTJ).  Her most recent articles are entitled "Mindful Engagement and Relational Lawyering," and "Fostering Wholehearted Lawyers:  Practical Guidance for Supporting Law Students' Professional Identity Formation."

Professor Brooks received her J.D. degree from New York University in 1990.  She received an M.A. in clinical social work from the University of Chicago in 1984, and earlier received a B.A. from the same university.  She is a member of the Pennsylvania bar and maintains her social work certification.  







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