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Feb 4, 2020

Kitty Sipple is a disabled white queer non-binary femme.  They are deeply engaged in research that focuses on finding viable solutions for the issues that society places on marginalized communities, particularly the trans & non-binary community.  In this talk, we discuss their presentation at the "Breaking" Convention in London.   We also discuss the liminal spaces describing the mystical dream-world of perception and reality, which can be alarming for some to navigate.  Kitty describes the similar aspects of navigating liminal spaces in regards to gender and psychedelics.  Kitty explores the connection of their own experience as a non-binary queer femme and their examination of psychedelic "in-between" spaces.  They will also explore the concept that navigation of liminal spaces is a learned skill, which could be used to explore other hidden liminal spaces in the human experience.  Kitty will also discuss their own journey with dissociative identity disorder (DID), and their inquiry into psychedelic accessibility.   

For further information about Kitty, please see their website:

Links to their presentation at the 2019 Breaking Convention can be found here:  Kitty's Breaking Convention Presentation