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Nov 1, 2018

Tom is a master of various forms of experiential psychotherapy to deepen his clients' unique spiritual identity and growth and connect them to their universal spiritual truth and love from within their heart center. Tom is also an accomplished marathon/ultra-marathon athlete and has completed 55 marathons and 56 ultra-marathons, the Rocky Mountain Slam (four 100-mile races in four months) twice, the Grand Slam of Ultra-running and the Hardrock 100 trail run four times. For those who wish to take their spirituality onto the mountain trails, he provides running instruction in Danny Dreyer’s technique called “Chi-running.” This technique provides a balanced feel and experience to running long endurance races and training, free from injury and pain. Tom's running sessions also provide expert advice on running style, gait, training logs, and running goals. Tom resides in Summit County, Colorado, and more information about him can be found at (Note he provides his cell number in the podcast).