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May 3, 2019

Professor Roberts discusses his new book which is an exploration of "mind design" technologies and practices--MindApps--that boost intellectual capacity and enable new ways of thought and action.   By way of background, Thomas Roberts earned his Ph.D. from Stanford and taught for many years at Northern Illinois University.  He taught the world's first and longest running catalog listed psychedelics course beginning in 1981.  Professor Roberts is a founding member of MAPS, former visiting scientist at Johns Hopkins, editor of Spiritual Growth with Entheogens, and author of Psychedelic Horizons and The Psychedelic Future of the Mind and co-edited volumes on psychedelic medicine, religion, and policy.  He lives in Sycamore, Illinois.  He originated the celebration of Bicycle Day.

Professor Roberts' lengthy retirement CV can be found here:

You may order his book from Inner Traditions by following this link: