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May 8, 2019

Elihu Genmyo Smith is the zen teacher of the Prairie Zen Center in Champaign, Illinois, and one of the co-founders, with Charlotte Joko Beck, of the Ordinary Mind Zen School.  He is the author of "Everything is the Way: Ordinary Mind Zen,"  (Shambhala Press 2012).  Elihu has practiced Zen for over thirty-five years, beginning as a student of Soen Nakagawa and Eido Tai Shimano, then he trained with Taizen Maezumi Roshi, who ordained him in 1979, and then with Charlotte Joko Beck in 1984.  He was her first dharma heir in 1992.  Elihu has also been associated with Bernie Glassman and the Zen Peacemakers.  He blogs on "current events, books, and random themes on his blog "Clouds".  

Here is the link to his blog:

Here is the link to the Prairie Zen Center:

You can order Elihu's book here:

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