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May 15, 2019

Matt is a multimedia artist, musician, inventor and sculptor.  He was a founding member of the dark ambient band Lab Report that included such diverse musicians as Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Lydia Lunch and Chris Connelly.  Schultz also invented the A.T.G. or Anti Tank Guitar and utilized this instrument with the Lab Report and Pigface.  In total, Schultz has appeared on over 29 cds with 9 solo productions and 2 feature film soundtracks (Ivan's XTC and Snuffmovie) for Hollywood director Bernard Rose.  

In 2010, Schultz manifested the esoteric and ancient fraternal order of The Division which reconstructed ancient spells and rituals reinterpreted aurally.  Mantras is the first in a trilogy of discs that express all aspects of The Division.  

Matt's latest release is Mandalas.  This album contains binaurual beats and tones to aid in meditation and dream states.

Matt has also spent time in Peru working at an Ayahuasca healing center as a facilitator.  He has worked extensively with Lakota and Mayan Elders for over 15 years and is a water pourer for sweat lodges.  He continues to be involved in indigenous medicine ceremonies of many varieties.

In this episode, we discuss:  Throbbing Gristle, The Ministry, Pink Floyd's The Wall, Germany in the early to middle 20th Century, the structures of Belief Systems, The Occult,  Ritualistic Magic, The Jester Archetype, Psychedelics as spiritual bypassing, Psychedelics as subversive agents, why all lawyer gringos should not take Ayahuasca unless they learn to ride a horse, MK Ultra, New Age Hippies channeling all that white light and nothing else, shadow work, we are not kidding, shadow work, listen to Lab Report if you dare, our mutual admiration of Roni Mohan, why gringos should not go to Peru, Brujos, All the plants that go into Ayahuasca that you do not want to know about, Sweat Lodges, Meditation, Kirtan, and much much more. 

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