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Jun 15, 2019

Singer, Songwriter, Composer Caleb Smith (aka Mista Smyth) is the lead singer and co-founder of Black Queen, "A tribute to Queen."  Rumor has it that Black Queen has the largest world-wide following of any Queen tribute band with a straight African-American frontman:-).  And of course, we at the End of the Road stridently adopt all rumors. 

Be sure to check out Caleb's original five full length albums and studio recordings here:

The Black Queen official fan site is here:  Black Queen site

Check out one of their shows:   Black Queen video

Mary Frances is a college instructor in environmental science and has been displaying her found art assemblages in group exhibits throughout the midwest.   Galleries which have shown her work include Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, Art St. Louis in St. Louis, and Oakland Community College near Detroit.

Mary offers the following artists' statement:

"I create assemblages primarily with found objects.  Environmentalism influences me most as nature is the source of all things, including creativity.  I find materials for my work anywhere, although primarily outdoors.  Judging each object individually on size, weight, texture and color, I assemble them together.  Eventually, unlike objects fit together in ways that make people think about unwanted things.  These include environmental degradation, exploitation, and conflict.  Some of pieces are satirical or simply interesting to look at.  In the future I want to expand my base of materials and continue to express difficult as well as playful concepts."

Mary's art pages and contact information can be found here:

I would like to thank them both for coming and for Mary's kind gift of the official End of the Road wizard staff for future conjuring of everything good.   I look forward to Caleb's new side side project, and I believe we may have heard the first live recording that upcoming new project on this podcast.  Much love, Mike