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Jul 5, 2019

Jasun Horsley is an English cultural critic, metapsychologist, conspiracy researcher, and podcaster.  He is the author of several books:  Seen and Not Seen, Prisoner of Infinity, and The Vice of Kings:  How Socialism, Occultism, and the Sexual Revolution Engineered a Culture of Abuse.

Jasun spent his early life fleeing from a sense of unreality and has been trying to get to the bottom of it ever since.  He as been a New York barfly, a Hollywood wanna-be, a sorcerer chaser in Mexico, and an acid eater in Haight-Ashbury.  He had an End-Times community in Taos, was destitute in North Africa, begged in Paris, lived with Benedictine Monks in France, ran with the bulls in Pamplona, had alien encounters in Navarra, apprenticed with a shaman in Guatemala, lost his mind in Columbia, made digital movies in London, edited a newspaper in Oaxaca, read Tarot in Portugal, saw UFOs in Patmos, ran an existential detective agency, and followed a guru in Canada.

He says he is currently working on his next incarnation with David Oshana, but to my mind, he is already there   

He also sorts out people’s junk and runs a thrift store   

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