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Mar 13, 2020

Brian is an engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur deeply committed to the environment and especially the problems posed by stormwater pollution. 

Prior to starting Frog Creek Partners, Brian worked 17 years managing international energy projects in Vietnam, Australia, Brazil, and the U.S.   However, he had always had a passion for invention and to create simple and practical solutions to complex environmental problems.  

The idea of the Gutter Bin stormwater filtration system came to him in a dream in early 2016.  He started Frog Creek Partners shortly thereafter.   Within a few years, Brian won an innovation award, raised capital to fund the company, filed several patents, and expanded the company.  He continues to grow the company and product line while surrounding himself with valuable team members with a like-minded focus of cleaning the world's water one storm drain at a time.

Frog Creek Partners is an environmental technology company that specializes in stormwater filtration and pollution measurement services.  The patent pending Gutter Bin stormwater filtration system and Mundus Bag water filter are Frog Creek's flagship products.  It is the most easily maintained and functional stormwater filtration system on the market.

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