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Jun 25, 2020

Drew is a US Army Veteran and former law enforcement officer who served two tours in Iraq.  He experienced debilitating PTSD, Depression, and Suicide attempts before he encountered plant medicines including ayahuasca, huachuma and others.  

He recounts his journey in his new book I Am Perfect And So Are You:  One Man's Journey to Oneness which was just released.  This book is not so much a memoir, but a channeled text in which Drew connects with the divine spirits which unite each of us, and point us in the direction of ascension.  

Drew is also an environmental activist and holds such Native American distinctions as Medicine Man, Sundancer and Sacred Pipe Carrier.  Ojibeway named:  "Blue Thunder Man," Drew is a lifetime member of the NAC, a Clear Channel of Osiris, Arch Angel Micheal, The 11th dimensional Pleadien Collective, and of Source!  His near death experiences, several ET contacts, and participation in ancient sacred ceremonies has fostered a relationship with off-planet intelligence which in turn has led to evolutionary responsibility as a CE5 facilitator.

Drew currently resides in Blanca, Colorado with his wife Ela Bankey.  Together, they run the ceremonial retreat center:

Drew's awesome new book is available here:

Have a great weekend!  Be safe!

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