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Oct 26, 2020

Safa Roberts (Soi Kete in Shipibo) has been deeply involved in the study and practice of energetic healing for over 15 years.  Originally certified in Pranic Healing, she has since studied with many teachers of various modalities to broaden her repertoire of skills.  She has been working with her Shipibo maestro to learn energetic healing directly from the plants and brings this highly specialized work into the ceremony space.  This type of approach allows guests to work deeply on issues that may be harder to address in a larger ceremonial context.

Residing and studying in India for several years, she trained in yoga, focusing mainly on the study of awakening the subtle or prana body.   She ran her own yoga school and led yoga trainings worldwide from 20111-2015.  Through this work she gained extensive experience facilitating groups through deeply personal and transformational experiences.

Safa has dedicated herself to the path of Ayahuasca for over twelve years.  She completed an apprenticeship with her maestro and has been serving medicine and running dietas with her partner Felix in the Sacred Valley of Peru for the last three years.  To learn more about their work and approach to medicine, please visit:

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