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Nov 6, 2020

Renee's moving story is  found on her website, , which I will excerpt here:

"How do you go from having Tony Robbins' business partner (who was mentored by Warren Buffett's billionaire business partner) reaching out and insisting YOU are literally "the only one who can help him," and go from working with the world's top creators:  Hollywood TV and film directors, co-creating and collaborating on shows, commercials, video games, fashion shoots, working with the best innovative talent, building global brands, having lunches with astronauts and developing amazing stories, to losing your home, losing your relationships, and everything friggin' else, to drop below rock bottom and bounce back again?  And again?   The Spirit Phoenix Rises.

Renee has a powerful and moving story of finding Divine Guidance, not to mention a new national radio show on A1R Psychic Radio, which is available here:

This podcast is available here:, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast show!

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