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Nov 9, 2020

Facundo Raganato is an artist, composer, author, alchemist and philosopher.  He is the author of The Author-or-The Characters Short Living Story which won as best Philosophy Book in 2016 by Pacific Reviews.  His related published book of poetry collection is entitled The Poet-of-The Character's Short Living Story.

He is also the composer of numerous musical pieces including the  Music Album Light and Darkness with original New Age Classical Piano songs.

"Facundo uses time to study consciousness and spirituality, bridging between Art and Spirituality, which Humanity can integrate for the growth of the soul."

His book is available here:

His music is available on Spotify:

and Itunes:

The ending track of this podcast is from Facundo's latest single release "Ode to Fugue Symphony" available at the above links.  

This podcast is available on any platform you listen to podcasts, or here:

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