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Dec 9, 2020

Teisha is passionate about helping people wake up and tap in to their mental and spiritual power.  She couples her natural gift of dream interpretation with extensive training in holistic therapy to help her clients move beyond their limitations and into a life of conscious living.

 Also known as "Lady T", Teisha has been an invited guest on Oprah, received the Woman of the Year award and has spoken to thousands of audiences across the country.  For almost 20 years, she has empowered leaders and entrepreneurs with how-to strategies that inspired their creativity, enhanced their performance and improved their personal and professional relationships.  This happens because, as she explains, "Living Consciously" means "Living Confidently."

On top of all this, Lady T is also currently pursuing her PhD in Metaphysical counseling to enhance her connection and further serve Spirit.  

You can connect with Lady T in a variety of ways:

1.  Schedule a life-changing Dream Interpretation to get clarity on that reoccurring dream.

2.  Listen to her empowering podcast, "I Believe in Jesus, But...." in which she dialogues with spiritual seekers who are done with the church!

3.  Hire her as your personal spiritual coach!  Lady T's holistic techniques will help you restore harmony and focus in your life.  She is also available for conferences and retreats to teach about conscious living and how to work with your dreams.

Contact:  Phone:  864-719-9692;  Email:


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Have a wonderful week.  Happy Holidays!