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Jun 25, 2021

Emilia Rose is Source Energy Channel, leader of Romania's Sisterhood of the Rose, and Rose Priestess.  She offers light-code activation classes, private sessions, and ascension workshops to support those on the spiritual path.

Emilia was initiated into the Mystery Lineage of the Rose Priestess, also called the Sisterhood of the Rose.  The Priestesses of the Rose created an ancient mystery school of profound knowledge, and the Rose is their symbol which represents feminine energy.  The Rose Priestess acts as a major keeper of the Rose Wisdom.  Some of the High Priestesses of this lineage include Mother Mary, Maria Magdalena, and the Goddess Isis.  Goddess energy can be channeled through different archetypes.  As a leader of Romania's Sisterhood of the Rose, Amelia shares her many blessings and training in the weekly gatherings she hosts.

Because her spiritual practices developed after she started to integrate the wisdom of the angels in her daily practices, her present work is sharing wisdom about the sacredness of humanity when we raise our vibration, expand our consciousness, and open the portal of our heart, functioning as one organism to allow the Source of Love to flow through our heart portal.

To share in Emilia's many blessings and teaching, and to be a part of her divine energy, please connect with her on her website:


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