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Feb 4, 2022

Shelley Paxton is an author, International speaker, and Movement maker.  In Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel's Guide to Finding Your Best Life, Shelley shares her personal voyage of walking away from the corporate grind as the Chief Marketing Officer of Harley Davidson to reconnnect with her soul--giving birth to "Soulbbatical."  Think Brene Brown meets Biker Babe, with a dash of Liz Gilbert.  Now she's leading a REBELution to rewrite the script of success and liberate a billion souls. Shelley's now bringing her passion into podcasting the Rebel Souls Podcast.  So, if your ready to flip the middle finger to the status quo in life and business--welcome home.  Buckle up for some serious badassery--and a whole lot of inspiration.

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