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Aug 10, 2022

Jon E. Graham is an award winning writer, translator, and graphic artist.  He specializes in books on Surrealism, esoteric traditions, and folklore.  Books he has translated include The Immaculate Conception by Andre Breton and Peter Eluard, Little Anatomy of the Physical Unconscious, and many others.

In this book, we focus on his translation of The Bavarian Illuminati:  The Rise and Fall of the World's Most Secret Society written in 1914 by Rene Le Forestier.  Le Forestier utilized as much primary source material in researching this book as was available at the time.  Bavarian academic Adam Weishaupt founded the short-lived Bavarian Order of the Illuminati in 1776, mainly as a reaction to Jesuit stranglehold on education in Bavaria at the time.  An intelligent, but vain individual, Weishaupt's grand design didn't last more than 10 years.

Yet the idea of the Illuminati and their efforts to sabotage the Church and other esoteric organizations planted seeds that still bear fruit today of a global organization with its tendrils in everything from the government to the stock market.   However, as pointed out by the author, the Illuminati couldn't keep itself secret for a decade, let alone for hundreds of years.

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