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Dec 29, 2022

Charles Shaw is an author, filmmaker, journalist and activist who has gradually shifted the focus of his work into addiction and trauma recovery using holistic and entheogenic therapies.

His many previous works are highlighted by Exile Nation (2012), which the Chicago Tribune called "an extraordinary work of spiritual journalism that grapples with the themes of drugs, prisons, politics, and spirituality though Shaw's personal story;" Release Us (2013); and Soldiers of the Vine (2017), a "riveting" film which follows American military veterans seeking healing of PTSD through natural plant medicines including Ayahuasca.  

This podcast will focus on Charles' current project, Shadow People which centers around his over 17 years of experience and training with entheogenic plant medicine therapy including work at Crossroads Treatment Center, Ibogaine Institute and Baja Ibogaine Center where he learned clinical protocols for Ibogaine and other Tryptamine medicines.  As a consultant, Charles also designed and opened Reset Treatment Center in Rosarito, Mexico in 2021.   

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Have a blessed 2023!