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Jan 16, 2023

Originating in the Netherlands, the Ungoogleable Michaelangelo is a creator of cosmic, comedic, and contemplative content.  He is a multi-dimensional artist with a psychoactive personality.  Equipped with a quickSilver tongue and mercurial mind, he utilitzes pareidolia, wit, wordplay, and a 6th sense of humor to mindfully investigate where the limits of language meet the fringes of reality.  His work finds expression through visual art, written and spoken word, music, film and performance.  He is the host and creator of the podcast Self Portraits as Other People

In this podcast, we communicate with (and generally not against) his brand new release, Impatient Transformations, which is available for purchase at his website:

This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here:

Cover Art:  by the author, and a nascent butterfly.

Postscript:  Running away from an assisted living facility, by the host.

Have an awesome week!