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Jan 21, 2023

Buki Fadipe is a Nigerian/British/Yoruba medicine woman, Decolonized Educator focused on Transformative and Healing Justice, and certified Psychedelic Medicine Facilitator.

She currently facilitates Sacred Medicine Intensives, Psychedelic Education workshops and Integration Sessions under her platform

She is the Lead Facilitator of the BIPOCS SPIRIT CIRCLE a psychedelic integration community with TAM integration and is a staff writer for Reality Sandwich.  

This only scratches the surface of her many passions and activities, for a deeper dive see her website:

On January 29th, at 4 pm EST she is moderating a panel discussion "Embodying Decolonial Freedoms--Finding Liberation through African Spirituality & Ancestral Ways of Knowing" featuring preeminent practitioner and devotees from traditions ranging from Ifa, iSangoma, Ubuntu and Kemetic Egyptian amongst other Pan-African sovereign & indigenous philosophies.  See for more information and to register for this event.  

This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here:

Have an awesome week!