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May 25, 2023

In 2016, Akash was connected to the essence of Guruji, the Avatar of Hinduism's Lord Shiva, in a formless relationship.  Guruji guided him to study A Course in Miracles which is dictated by Jesus.  This study lead to the existence of the book, Introducing You to Your Own Perfection, which is the subject of this podcast.

Introducing You to Your Own Perfection was written under challenging circumstances.  It was if it came out of nowhere or now-here.  The book began during the Coronavirus Lockdownas the writer had an 18 month-old baby, a pregnant wife expecting another, a full time career outside of writing and a normal householder life.  To ensure the message of this work was not lost, it was written during the toddler's naptimes on the weekends and during the week after hours until late at night.  The intense force inside to get the words down and arrange this material was "overwhelming" as Akash wanted to extend his experience and introduce you to your own perfection.

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Have a blessed weekend!