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Jun 15, 2023

Tenali Hrenak is a folklorist, ethnomusicologist, Sonic Fluffer and Auditory Vernacular of Curiosities at KVMR Public Radio with nationwide distribution.  Field Recording has been a prime passion of his many years, often using them to "decorate" his shows.  Tenali has devoted close to 23 years recording at Rainbow Gatherings in the United States, New Zealand, Mexico and Panama.  

This podcast focuses on his new work Gathering Sounds--Field Recording with the Rainbow Family which is an ethnographic, folkloric, and illustrative listener guidebook of his many years recording at Rainbow Gatherings.

For more information about Tenali, and his audio program "Muddy Boots" please see:

The co-host of this podcast is the fantastic artist and former End of the Road guest, Bill Crook (Episode 100).  His bio can be found here:

This podcast is available on your favorite podcast feed, or here:

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