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Jan 18, 2024

Co-founder and co-spiritual director of the Spiritual Arts Institute (a nonprofit), Dimitri has been instrumental in bringing the Spiritual Arts Institute to the place it is today as a premier metaphysical school.  With Barbara Martin, he co-authored Change Your Aura, Change Your Life (2000), Communing With the Divine (2021), Karma and Reincarnation (2021), The Healing Power of Your Aura (2020) and their newest book Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution (2021).  

Barbara Y. Martin (known affectionately as the "Mozart of Metaphysics") worked with Dimitri to form the Seven Spiritual Arts Program, their proprietary metaphysical training program offered to SAI students.  Participants learn effective  meditation and seven mystical arts to accelerate spiritual growth.  Essential Divine Light principles build an enduring foundation to apply in any aspect of life including careers, relationships, and a lasting sense of purpose.

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