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Apr 24, 2024

Stephen Parker, Ph D. is a Jungian and Cardiac psychologist and stone mason.  He lives with his partner, Dr. Kornelia Grabinska, a Jungian analyst, in a birch forest overlooking Fairbanks, Alaska.  In said forest, he creates various Jungian alchemical and manual handiworks including but not limited to:  a Stone Sanctuary (view here), a Labyrinth (view here), a fire altar, red egg, cave,  and perhaps Philosopher's Stone:-) in the Alaskan wilderness.  He also produced a series of indoor works of art.

These manual feats synchronistically relate to his own heart issues for the last twenty years, including a severe heart attack fifteen years ago.  Out of the heart struggle he has also written a book "Heart Attack and Soul: In the Labyrinth of Healing"

Dr. Parker is also a prolific disseminator and curator of Jungian information as webmaster of and which are highly recommended.

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Have a blessed weekend!