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Apr 6, 2019

Semina is a multidimensional artist and practitioner of many skills to navigate myriad realities including but not limited to:  lucid dreaming, astral travel, entheogens, meditation, somatic meditation, hypnagogic states, grounding, balance, third eye visions, Kundalini energy, brain wave entrainment, binaural beats, precognition, interaction with entities, ORMUS, and much much more.  She hosts an intriguing YouTube channel, and an ETSY store.  I suspect we will see much more in the future from her as she opens her heart to assist those along the journey.  More information about her work can be found at:

P.S.  Toward the very end of the podcast, we discuss a ceremony which had not yet occurred at the time of this recording.  The ceremony did not turn out as expected (which is of course the whole but the dream described in the podcast turned out to be remarkably prescient in surprising ways.