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Apr 16, 2019

Jimmy Tebeau is a professional musician performing in the nationally touring, festival promoting Grateful Dead Experience:  The Schwag.  Jimmy also had a four year stint as the bassist for the JGB (Jerry Garcia Band).  Recently, he started hosting a two hour talk show on KKID 92.9 in Rolla, Missouri.  In this free flowing and unedited episode of the live talk show we discuss:  Joseph Campbell and his relationship with the Grateful Dead tribal culture, Jimmy's own experiences with group consciousness and/or non-local consciousness at Grateful Dead and his own performances, Schwagstock (the upcoming Missouri Music Festival), Rainbow Gatherings, Jimmy's interesting tour with the Jerry Garcia Band in Hawaii, poly-rhythms and altered consciousness in drum circles, Timothy Leary, FDA trials for Psilocybin and MDMA and much more.  Jimmy also performs live his version of Dylan's "Desolation Row" and we hear a recorded live performance of the Schwag's Help on the Way/Slipknot at the St. Louis Ball Park Village.  Jimmy then tells bad lawyer jokes and I counter with worse ones, being more familiar with the subject.  We are also joined by Andrew Sheeley of the Phelps County Focus to discuss his recent story of the geologic core sample archive in Rolla, Missouri.  Jimmy and Andrew also discuss the trials and tribulations of the late local personality Chief Wanna Doobie.  Later, Electronica/Dubstep artist "The Mowhawk" joins the fray to describe his upcoming time/spatial manifestations.  Guiseppe also thrills the gathering with his live banjo performance.  And of course,  driving force behind KKID, Steve Wheeler, holds space for the entire show.

The video of the entire performance will be posted here later this week:

Video link of show

Much much more info about the history and upcoming time/spatial manifestations of the Schwag can be found here:

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More information about Andrew Sheeley can be found here: 

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