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Oct 30, 2019

Stephen Edred Flowers is a former American Professor, scholar, runologist, runosophist, and proponent of occultism, Odianism, esoteric runosophy, and Germanic mysticism.  He has over three dozen published books and hundreds of published papers and translations on a disparate range of subjects.

In this episode, we discuss his newly published work:  The Magian Tarok, which explores the historical roots and mythology of the Tarot, revealing the genesis of the Tarot's symbolism in the great Hermetic tradition and in the initiatory rituals of Mithraism.  Dr. Flowers explains the original meanings of the Major Arcana using Mithraic symbolism and how the Tarot relates to the magical alphabet of the Stoeicheia.  

For further information about Professor Flowers, please consult his website: