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Jul 23, 2020

Lynette Allen is a medicine woman, who uses the sacred plant medicine Cacao, ritual and meditation to bring alignment and grounding to earth.

Women come from all over the world to sit in her A Woman's Blessing retreats and ceremonies, where they are honored for their personal journeys and encouraged to thank the girl they used to be, acknowledge the woman they are now and see the women they are yet to become.

Her 20 year career has seen her write 5 books, she is a presenter on TV and radio, a broadcaster and an international speaker on the rise of the feminine (both in corporates and for the good of the feminine/masculine balance).  She was once labelled the UK's leading life coach for Women and has a Podcast "A Woman's Blessing" where she talks to women about their most difficult life situations and HOW they got through--inspiring women who are going through change, trauma or difficult life transitions

In her last 4 years, Lynette has been on a radical life transition which took her from working the the European corporate world empowering women, to ditching her heels, all her suits and corporate clients--and swapping them for plant medicine, ritual and ceremonies where she continues her work on a more grounded soul level to support the feminine to rise at this time in the planet's evolution.

Right now, she can be found living on the edge of the jungle in Bali.  I encourage you to connect with her at her website:

This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here:

Have a great weekend and be safe!