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Aug 18, 2020

Matthew Schultz is a multimedia artist, musician and educator.  He is a founding member of the dark ambient band Lab Report and the industrial band Pigface.  He is the creator of the hermetic order of The Division and The Mandala Project.

In his new memoir, The Dark and the Light:  Trauma, Addiction, Shamanism and Ayahuasca, Matthew not only shares his experiences with sacred medicines and indigenous rituals but also bizarre stories from his childhood and years dealing with addiction and how he found recovery.  Schultz details traveling the world and working with many different healing modalities.  He has worked extensively with Lakota and Mayan elders and was gifted their wisdom and practices as well as being named Path Keeper by both cultures.  He is a water pourer for sweat lodges, a sacred pipe carrier and worked as an Ayahuasca facilitator around the world.  

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