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Nov 9, 2020

Russell Sturgess has been described as a thought leader in Western Mindfulness.  This is based on the idea of an approach to  mindfulness that had roots in the west, as opposed to the more commonly known eastern practice that emerged from Buddhism.  In 2007, he lived in southern Italy for a year while he researched and wrote his first book Metanoia, which presented the thesis that a western approach to mindfulness emerged during the middle ages in northern Italy.  This approach was inspired by Gnostic-Christianity which re-emerged throughout Europe with the heretical Cathar.  This western approach to mindfulness was inspired by the teachings from the Sermon of the Mount and in particular the Beatitudes.

In this podcast, we also discuss and emphasize Russel's wonderful new book, The Spiritual Roots of the Tarot, which was just released by Inner Traditions.

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