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Apr 20, 2021

Marta Wanderlust is a space holder, facilitator and passionate teacher of Yoga and mind-body practices.   She began her professional training with a Jivamukti Yoga immersion, under the guidance of Yogeswari--one of the most senior teachers of the method.  Marta was certified as an Ashtanga and Vinyasa instructor in a traditional school in Goa, India.  In India, she also had the privilege to meet her Spiritual teacher Rishi Sudhir of Tiruvannamalai, with decades of experience and a depth of Vedic knowledge.  She taught Yoga and mindfulness at diverse centers in Europe, Asia, and South America and spent a few years serving as a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainer in India.

Over the last decade, Marta has been immersed in her studies with the plant medicines and traditions of Central and South America.  She has had the opportunity to learn under the guidance of shamans and medicine people from various traditions, including communities like the Shipibo and Mestizo in the Amazon, Q'eros in the Andes, Kogi in Columbia, and the wonderful cultures of Mexica and Lakota. Marta has recently relocated back to Europe.  She is now based in Berlin, grateful for the chance to bring the gifts and teachings that she has received closer to her roots.

In this podcast we focus on her new book Miracles From the Abyss, which I refer to as a love story.  lol.  Because that is what it is.  And if you don't believe me, you can ask Marta's husband:-).  In any event, this wonderful work of transformation, courage and hope is available here:

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