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Dec 6, 2021

Dan Conner is an advocate and participant in the mystical experiences potentiated by psychedelics.  A ubiquitous character in the music and dance community of St. Louis, Dan taught swing dancing for over 20 years and has played in and produced musical events since age 12.  Most recently, Dan's musical focus has centered on the vocalist, and as Dan describes "romantic rascal" Sebastien Bordeaux, and one of Sebastien's soon to be released songs "Spanish Flame" is heard on this podcast.  Listen to it if you dare.

To follow in the steps of Dan's dance, you can find him here:

To listen to more of Sebastien's enchanted songs, please go here:

This podcast is available on your favorite podcasting platform, or here:

Have an awesome week, and get into the groove, but you don't have to prove your love to anyone:-)