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Dec 22, 2021

Maxine Friend is an internationally acclaimed psychic medium and channel that has been practicing worldwide and professionally for over 13 years.

Maxine believes that "intuition is your birthright, and that you can always tap into your metaphysical superpowers.  Her deep rooted passion is guide you on a journey of spiritual empowerment, through creation of your freewill design."

"Maxine encourages you to be of spiritual sovereignty; to always listen to your own intuitive intelligence before anything or anyone else.  Maxine is genuinely passionate about the metrics of Energy, and wants to assist you in developing your own personal spiritual ecosystem.

We encourage you to check out her website:, as she has a wealth of content designed to deepen your intuitive pathfinding through digitized courses and personalized consultations.  

This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here:

Have a safe and blessed denominational and non-denominational holiday season (or whatever way you roll) and best wishes for 2022!