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Jul 21, 2021

Matthew J. Pallamary is an award winning writer, musician, and sound healer who has been studying plant medicines and indigenous practices of Central and South America all his life.  He has 15 books in print that cover several genres including science fiction.  

Matt has adventured numerous times into the jungles, mountains, and deserts of North, Central, and South America pursuing his studies of shamanism and ancient cultures.  Through his research into both the written word and the ancient beliefs of shamanism, he has delved into the heart of what his story really is, and by extension, provides resonances for us all integrated in core dramatic concepts based in shamanism.

In this podcast, we discuss his new book Picaflor which was recently released which recounts the breakthroughs, breakdowns and transformations of the recent decades of his life, and of course, the magic of the picaflor:-).  

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