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Apr 13, 2019

Omar is a retired military veteran and leads a multidisciplinary team of professionals that provide legal sacred medicine experiences in Mexico focusing on the shamanic and therapeutic use of mushrooms, peyote, changa, and temazcal ceremonies.  "Integration Retreats," provides clients with all inclusive retreats that include medicine ceremonies, on-site professional therapy-based integration, skilled facilitators, thermal spa, bilingual host/guide, airport pick up and drop off, meals and ongoing integration support.  

Omar's journey began as a first-generation immigrant to the US from Panama where he was steeped at an early age in Afro-Caribbean and and Afro-Latino spiritual practices by his grandfather, founder of two Central American esoteric temples.  Omar is a graduate of William Paterson University with a degree in biology and a graduate of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.  He began his recovery from PTSD in the 1990s after 30 days of fasting, isolation, and intensive sacred mushroom work under shamanic guidance.  Now retired with over 25 years of sacred mushroom experience, Omar is a permanent resident of Mexico who works to help preserve shamanic culture while connecting other to safe, guided and transformational ceremonies.    More information about Omar and Integrations Retreats can be found at:

(The views expressed by the guests are expressly their own and do not represent the advice or practices of the host.  No legal advice is intended by this podcast.  And certainly not medical, psychological, or shamanic--indeed, the host does not even play any of these on TV.   In fact, the host does not own a TV come to think of it.)