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Apr 18, 2020

Wynne is a Psychic and Empath, Reiki Master Teacher and Channel to the Aethers.  In this episode, we discuss her personal journey in developing her intuitive gifts, and work through the Akashic Records.  Through the light of the records, she discusses how she is able to go deeply into the soul's blueprint and diagnose where there are blocks and room for upgrades.

Wynne specializes in working with empaths and high performance intuitives who have struggled in the past with their heightened sensitivity and natural psychic gifts.  Wynne's passion is all about providing empath's and intuitives the personalized tools they need to tune in, begin trusting and confidently using their psychic gifts.  She blends intuitive development training with reiki techniques in oder to set up the energy of success.

You can also listen to Wynne's podcast, the Universal Wink, from your favorite podcast provider.  To learn more about Wynne, please go to her website which contains links to all her many offerings and manifestations in this world:

Have a wonderful week and enjoy your distance:-)

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