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Mar 21, 2021

Dr. Sarraf is an internist, educator and physician & leadership coach whose subspecialty paradigm focuses on coaching in and beyond severe burnout, toxic stress and the trauma of these times.  She received her Medical Degree and Master of Public Health at the University of Utah School of Medicine, and completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine.  In addition to her private coaching practice, Dr. K is an Adj. Asst. Professor at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine where she works in the office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.  She is also the founder and CEO of Lodestar:  Trauma-Informed Physician and Professional Coaching.

A gifted storyteller and much-sought speaker, Dr. K's coaching style is deeply intuitive, rooted in both the power of connection and the knowledge that intratraumatic growth is not just aspirational, but possible.  She has helped countless physicians and professionals across industries (re)discover their professional pride, joy, and internal balance.  She is an expert strategist who assists clients in discovering and naming what is essential, and setting a path for their True North.

"In the end, its really very simple," she says, "we all need a deeper bench.  That's why I founded Lodestar.

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