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Apr 17, 2021

Walter Masaraccho is a microdosing guide and retreat leader.  His purpose in life is to bring more love, wisdom and creativity to the world.  He compassionately guides people, including those suffering with ADHD and finds healing results using psychedelics and other modalities to allow individuals to come in contact with the gift of their own ADHD and live with improved focus, love, connection, self-compassion and flow.  He has guided more than 100+ people with outstanding results.

On top of that, he runs retreats all over the world in places where psilocybin is still legal such as Portugal, Nepal, Brazil and Jamaica.  The purpose of the retreats is to bring inner freedom to people's lives with the help of plant medicine under the right context and guidance.   The retreats also offer yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, ice baths, breathwork, hiking, deep connections, and much more with the purpose of allowing people to fall back in love with life.

The next retreat will happen on Madeira Island from 7-14th of June.

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Have a great weekend.  Be safe!