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Jul 20, 2022

Tomas Frymann, Ph.D is a deeply experienced psychedelic explorer, primary author of the Psychedelic Integration Scales and Interbeing Identity Scale, literary author of Mara and the Sea: A Children's Book for Making Friends with Death, an avid athlete and water sportsman, seasoned world traveler, founder of the Interbeing based nonprofit "As We Wake," and recently completed his doctorate at Columbia University's Spirituality and Psychology Lab.   His clinical work includes serving as a psychedelic integration coach for VETS, an ayahuasca retreat center in Costa Rica, and work at California State University San Marcos, Cancer Support Community San Francisco, and VNSNY Hospice in New York.

His path has also taken him to Gabon, where he completed a Bwiti initiation with Iboga, and to explore a vast array of spiritual and cultural self-transcendence oriented practices.  His approach to integration counseling is collaborative, draws on both Western psychology and ancient wisdom, and aims to help clients access greater meaning, transcendence, and joy in their lives.

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