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Jul 24, 2019

Michael is the host and writer of the Third Eye Drops show/podcast that has over 1 million downloads.  He is a polymorphous polymath who dreams of a "technodelic community where wonder, laughter and creation are core commandments." 

Follow him on Twitter where most recently he tweeted thus and so:

"If you don't actively struggle for the things you want, you'll be slowly consumed by circumstances you don't care about."

On Instagram, he recently quoted Kevin Kelly, thus and so:

"Life is the stranger loop of a snake releasing itself from its own grip, unmouthing an ever fattening tail tapering up to an ever increasingly large mouth birthing an ever larger tail, filing the universe with this strangeness."   

Put that in your pipe and smoke it if you dare.  Plus, he's going to Peru in a month, so we had lots to talk about, including how to not ride a horse on an ayahuasca adventure.

Here is his website: