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Sep 24, 2019

Tom Hatsis writes and speaks on psychedelic and entheogenic history.  He is the author of Microdosing Magic: A Psychedelic Spellbook, The Witches' Ointment:  The Secret History of Psychedelic Magic and  Psychedelic Mystery Traditions:  Spirit Plants, Magical Practices, Ecstatic States.  He has appeared on the GaiamTV shows Pychedelica and Open Minds with Regina Meredith, and has articles published in Psychedelic Press U.K. and the Journal of Psychedelic Studies.  He teaches an online course on medieval magic and witchcraft at Along with partner Eden Woodruff, Hatsis co-runs Psanctum Psychedelia, a psychedelics education and harm reduction group.  When not fully engaged in spreading psychedelia, he writes and performs music, and plays roller derby.  For more psychedelic history, check out:

@witchydelic on IG