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Jan 30, 2021

Robin Divine is a writer, psychedelic advocate and the creator of Black People Trip: a community with a mission to raise awareness, promote education, teach harm reduction, build community and create safe spaces for Black women interested in psychedelic use.

Robin turned to psychedelics to treat medication resistant depression that she has lived with her entire adult life.  As she became more involved in the psychedelic community, she noticed there was a definite lack of diversity.  As a result, she created Black People Trip: a safe space dedicated to bringing together Black women with an interest in psychedelic use.  BPT is also committed to finding ways to make this medicine more financially accessible and available to anyone in need of the benefits that psychedelics offer.  Healing shouldn't be a privilege.

Robins is also working on a book about her experiences navigating the mental health system and the psychedelic world as a Black Queer woman.  

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