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Jan 18, 2022

William Peters M.Ed. MFT, is the founder of the Shared Crossing Project and director of its Research Initiative.  Recognized as a global leader in the field of shared death studies, he has spent decades studying end-of-life experiences.  Previously, Peters worked as a hospice volunteer with the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco and as a teacher and social worker in Central and South America.  A practicing psychotherapist, he holds degrees from Harvard University's Graduate School of Education and University of California, Berkeley.  His work on the end of life is informed by his therapeutic work with individuals and families facing grief and bereavement, personal experiences with death and dying across cultures, and his families own end of life journeys.

In this podcast, we focus on his wonderful new book, At Heaven's Door which was just released.  For more information, please see: or

This podcast is available on your favorite podcast feed, or here:

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