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Aug 19, 2022

Dr. Enna Reittort is a traditional cultural anthropologist, a linguist, a regenerative farmer, and a contemplative meditator.  She lives in a village in south-east Asia.

In this podcast, we discuss her work Krivda, the Godrix Against the Matrix.  Krivda is an ancient Russian word that means "deceit" with a twist--the subtler, more pernicious connotation of "reality made crooked."  This word, and its meaning, underpins the discovery of how machineries of "religion" operate over a long historical arc of six thousand years, revealing striking structural and operational continuity from religions of ancient gods to those of the modern secular gods of money and science.  The new god of techno science seamlessly taking the succession of its predecessors all gathered into its fold, its dogma seamlessly taking over the well-conditioned mind and psyche of humans...Therein lies the "god-trix."

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