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Sep 17, 2023

In this podcast, we focus on Brian's new work Masks of Origin: Regression in the Service of Omnipotence which was recently published by Untimely Books.  Brian's work invites the reader on a journey beyond the normal categories of space, time, and narrative structure, toward a further shore of multidimensional and transcendent experience--and who doesn't want a little of that? Other forthcoming titles in this collection will include To Akasha: An Incantation for the Crossing of an Ocean; and The Preexistent Race Descends.  Brian is also the author of five books of poetry and numerous essays,  a former member of the Boston Visionary Cell, a former organizer for Evolver Boston, and was a founding member of MAAP SPACE, a multimedia performance series as well as of the Revolving Arts Salon and the current Cedar Square Arts Salon.

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(cover art "Homage to Khyanyogi Mashusudandas 4" was created by the author)